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Today the collected book of scientific-technical articles “Космическая техника. Ракетное вооружение. Space technology. Missile armaments” is a popular specialized publication, in which the leading specialists have the possibility of publish the results of scientific efforts and dissertation research in the field of space rocket technology.
The subjects and problematics of scientific materials included in the collected book are diverse and cover various problems of creating modern space launch systems, launch vehicles of different classes, spacecraft and satellite systems, prospective rocket engines, and missile weaponry.
The collected book is included into the List of Professional scientific publications of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, where the main results to defend Ph.D. and Dr. Hab. Thesises have been publishing.
 About collected book

  ISSN 2617-5525; e-ISSN 2617-5533










The collected book of scientific-technical articles “Space Technology. Missile Armaments” was being published till 1993 under the title “Calculation, Designing, Construction and Testing of Ballistic Missiles”.

Publisher: Yuzhnoye State Design Office named after M.K. Yangel.

Languages of publication: Russian, Ukrainian, English.

Periodicity: twice in a year.

Certificate of State Registration of Printed Mass Medium: ser. КВ №23151-12991 ПР dated 19.02.2018