10. Dynamic performance of the gas drive with jet motor

10. Dynamic performance of the gas drive with jet motor

Oleinyk V. P., Kaluger L. G.

Yangel Yuzhnoye State Design Office, Dnipro, Ukraine.

Kosm. teh. Raket. vooruž. 2019, (2); 71-79
Language: Russian
The use of servo drives on flying vehicles determines the requirements to their dynamic characteristics. The problems of dynamics of drive with jet motor are not practically covered in publications. The task arises of selection of structure and parameters of devices consisting of several subsystems whose dynamic characteristics must be brought into agreement with each other in optimal way. The purpose of this work is to develop mathematical dependences for calculation of dynamic characteristics. The functional arrangement of the drive is considered consisting of jet motor based on Segner wheel with de Laval nozzle, mechanical transmission, pneumatic distributing device – jet pipe controlled by electromechanical converter. The layout is presented of mechanical segment of servo drive with jet motor with screw-nut transmission. The dynamic model is presented and the algebraic relations to determine natural frequencies of the drive are given. The motion equations of output rod at full composition of load are given. Using Lagrange transformation as applied to ball screw transmission, the expression for reduced mass of output element was derived. The reduced mass of load depends on the jet motor design and exerts basic influence on the drive’s natural frequencies. The evaluation is given of reduced mass change from the jet motor moment of inertia and reducer transmission coefficient. Based on the proposed algorithms, the dynamic characteristics of servo drive were constructed: transient process and amplitude-frequency characteristic. The drive has relatively low pass band, which is explained by the value of reduced mass of load.
Key words: pneumatic drive, functional arrangement, hydrodynamic force, reduced mass, Lagrange transformations, ball screw transmission, transient process, frequency characteristic.


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