12. Procedure of acoustic loads measuring during the ILV launch

12. Procedure of acoustic loads measuring during the ILV launch

Batutina T. Y., Bondar’ D. S.

Yangel Yuzhnoye State Design Office, Dnipro, Ukraine.

Kosm. teh. Raket. vooruž. 2019, (2); 92-95
Language: Russian
The paper considers the main aspects of acoustic loads measuring during the rocket launch as well as problem of staff, equipment and environment protection from destructive effect of noise, generated by rocket’s engine. Proposed is the procedure of acoustic loads measurement and calculation of the minimal acoustic noise-safe launching rocket distance, at which it is safe to put equipment and operating personnel. This procedure is based on sharing of the numerical simulation of the exhaust jet in the ANSYS software system, engineering approaches in calculation of propagation and extinction of acoustic waves and measurement of the actual values of acoustic loads with the use of several noise meters. Effective sanitary standards of noise safety were taken to define the duration and power of acoustic loads safe for the personnel. As an example of use of this procedure, results of calculation of noise levels, provided by the sound attenuating chamber, and measurement data during the pulsed wind tunnel tests have been presented. As an outcome of calculations and measurements, done by the proposed procedure, outlines of the noise-safe zone were successfully defined and number of modifications suggested for the sound attenuating chamber to reduce the acoustic loads it generates.
Key words: Supersonic jet, calculation of acoustic loads, acoustic measurements, acoustic protection.


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