19. Peculiarities of Radio Transparent Fairings Development

19. Peculiarities of Radio Transparent Fairings Development

Danilchenko D. A., Samoilenko I. D., Voloshin V. V., Kharchenko E. D., Onofriyenko V. I.

Yangel Yuzhnoye State Design Office, Dnipro, Ukraine.

Kosm. teh. Raket. vooruž. 2019, (1); 132-138
Language: Russian
The main task of the radiotransparent radome design is to develop a structure that reliably protects the aircraft components, sensitive instrumentation of the guidance system from incoming air flow and heating in all phases of operation, meeting all the requirements of minimum weight, allowable temperature under the radome, strength, centre of mass and radio characteristics. Development of the radome solves the complex task of coupling and optimization of the geometric aspects of design with physical-mechanical, radio and thermal properties of materials. The article dwells on the aspects of development of the radiotransparent radomes depending on the aircraft flight speed; basic requirements for the selection of outside perimeter configuration; structural materials, providing the required radio properties in combination with minimum mass and necessary strength, acceptable temperature inside the fairing. Yuzhnoye-developed radome for the up to 5 M aircraft was considered, consisting of ogive shell made of АФ-10ПО fiberglass, heat-resistant tip and structural ring made of aluminum alloy. Methods of thermal and strength analyses of the shell are considered, results of calculations confirming the fitness for work of the structure are presented. Options of configuration with ceramic shells and methods of their coupling with rings are presented for the aircraft that reaches up to 5 M speed. Basic principles of radiotransparent radomes development and aspects of ceramic shells coupling with structural rings are considered, as well as the results of strength analyses and thermal calculations that ensure the performance of the structure and equipment in the area under the radome.
Key words: structural ring, under dome area, aircraft.


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