1. Design Office of Liquid Rocket Engines is 60

1. Design Office of Liquid Rocket Engines is 60

Shulga V. A., Dibrivny A. V.

Yangel Yuzhnoye State Design Office, Dnipro, Ukraine

Kosm. teh. Raket. vooruž. 2018, (2); 3-7
Language: Russian
During 60 years of existence of specialized Liquid Rocket Engines Design Office – DO-4 as a part of Yuzhnoye Design Office, extensive experience was accumulated in development of liquid rocket engines of various purpose on storable and cryogenic propellant components. The required test benches and production base were created. When developing the engines, the DO-4 specialists widely use the experience accumulated during manufacturing and testing of the engines developed by the other design offices for Yuzhnoye SDO LVs that were manufactured by SE PA Yuzhny Machine-Building Plant and tested at Yuzhnoye SDO’s and Plant’s test benches. Along with the conventional ones, new original engine designs were developed to achieve high energy-mass characteristics, reliability and quality. Among them we should mention the RD858 and RD859 engines for the soviet lunar take-off-and –landing module of Block E, the unique RD857 and RD862 engines with afterburning of reducing generator gas and gas dynamic method of thrust vector control, the RD866 multifunctional engine of space tug ensuring multiple ignition in flight, and many others. At present, Yuzhnoye SDO jointly with SE PA Yuzhny Machine-Building Plant deliver the engine for the European Vega LV forth stage propulsion system under the contract with Avio company (Italy). Based on Yuzhnoye SDO–created engines, propulsions systems for ballistic missiles and space rockets that are unique by their characteristics and scope of functions, the engines, propulsions systems for spacecraft, LV upper stages and transfer orbit stages can be developed in short terms and at minimal costs.
Key words: liquid rocket engine, developed engines, testing, Yuzhnoye SDO, accumulated experience.


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