22. Uncertainty Calculation Procedure during Measuring Instrumentation Calibration

22. Uncertainty Calculation Procedure during Measuring Instrumentation Calibration

Voloshina M. A., Golovin A. S., Eres L. A., Kurako I. M.

Yangel Yuzhnoye State Design Office, Dnipro, Ukraine

Kosm. teh. Raket. vooruž. 2018, (2); 184-189
Language: Russian
The effective documents in the field of metrological support require evaluating measurement uncertainty during measuring instrumentation calibration. In Ukraine, there is no regulated procedure of uncertainty calculation during measuring instrumentation calibration, which causes the necessity of developing such procedure. This article proposes the measurement uncertainty calculation procedure during measuring instrumentation calibration, according to which the following calculations shall be made: a) of standard uncertainty of A type for corrected observation results obtained during calibration; b) of standard uncertainties of B type caused by error or uncertainty of working standard applied, calculation discreteness or calibrated measuring instrument division value, variation of calibrated measuring instrument indications; c) of total standard measurement uncertainty; d) of augmented measurement uncertainty. As an example, the results of calculation of augmented measurement uncertainty during calibration are presented: – for 795M107B vibrometer in complete set with AC102-1A accelerometer; – for alternating voltage measurement channel of a measuring and computing complex of MIC type; – for a manometer of MT type. The obtained results of measurement uncertainty calculation are presented in the form of tables of measurement uncertainty budget, which shall be entered in the measuring instrument calibration certificate together with the observation results obtained during calibration. The proposed uncertainty calculation procedure is applicable for the given types of measuring instruments whose calibration is performed by method of direct measurement of known measurement values represented or controlled by working standards.
Key words: augmented measurement uncertainty, multiple measurements, measurement uncertainty budget, vibrometer, manometer of MT type, computing complex of MIC type.


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