3. Analysis of Spacecraft Control Issues In Early Design Phases

3. Analysis of Spacecraft Control Issues In Early Design Phases

Ivanova G. A., Khoroshilov V. S.

Yangel Yuzhnoye State Design Office, Dnipro, Ukraine.

Kosm. teh. Raket. vooruž. 2019, (1); 15-20
Language: Russian
Mission control of the orbital space plane is one of the actual and complicated applied problems of the theory of mobile objects control. Dynamic configuration of this plane as an object of control is described by the system of non-linear differential equations of higher order. Research of stability of such system is a difficult problem. However, thanks to known theorems of Lyapunov, often stability of the real system can be estimated by the roots of the characteristic equation of the linearized system. Thereupon the stability analysis in the linear setting is the necessary link in the process of orbital space plane control system development. Among the methods of synthesis of the automatic control linear systems developed to date one can emphasize the trend, which has become widely-spread in the engineering area. According to this trend the issues of synthesis of the dynamic regulator, observability and controllability for the orbital space plane are considered. Procedure of selection of the dynamic regulator parameters at the early phase of development of the control system for the orbital space plane motion about the center of mass is suggested. Observability and controllability of the orbital space plane are considered. It is shown that the considered control system of the orbital space plane is observable and controllable, i.e. it is possible to develop the stable dynamic regulator, which provides the required speed and accuracy of the angular position of the orbital space plane during the orbital flight. Factors selection procedure is offered for the factors being the part of the control laws for the control system actuators.
Key words: vector, matrix, dynamic regulator, observability, controllability, stability.


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