3. Features of design and production of the technological aids for assembly of the spacecraft separation system of CLAMP BAND type

3. Features of design and production of the technological aids for assembly of the spacecraft separation system of CLAMP BAND type

Kodenets D. A., Sencha S. A., Makarenko A. A.

Yangel Yuzhnoye State Design Office, Dnipro, Ukraine.

Kosm. teh. Raket. vooruž. 2019, (2); 18-24
Language: Russian
The article deals with the peculiarities of creation of technological crimping device for assembling the spacecraft separation system clamp band. The crimping device is intended to ensure uniform distribution of tension forces in the clamp band belts during assembling of the attachment clamp band, which allows minimizing the load on pyrolocks-pushers and thereby ensuring their operation reliability. The device consists of pressing mechanisms located along circumference symmetrically to the clamp band belts interface plane and fixed on a rest with adjustable supports. The pressing mechanism is a structure with driving kinematic scheme, which allows compensating for mounting errors, unfavorable combination of tolerances, avoiding occurrence of radial load on the thrust screw. However, during testing of the clamp band assembling technology, jamming of threaded connection as a result of thrust screw turn crush in the area of first turn of insert, gap in the thread after multiple use, scratches and minor scores on the conical surface of pressing mechanism, hardship of work with two wrenches were detected. To remove these defects, the sleeve with insert was replaced by the sleeve with protruding part, which allowed distributing the load in all turns more uniformly. The material of nut and screw was replaced based on relation between the strength limits: σв of rod > 1.3 σв and nut. The design of pressing mechanism was changed in respect of connection of thrust screw with hold-down, which allowed decreasing the load on screw pair as a consequence of axial force transfer from screw’s spherical surface to flat surface of hold-down, decreasing the tightening moment to ensure design force of clamp band belts fixation and making the process of pressing mechanisms assembling and disassembling easier. As a result of the updates, the manufacturable and ergonomic structure of crimping device was obtained, the use of which during assembling of the clamp band allows uniformly distributing the crimping forces in clamp band belts, which ensures reliability of spacecraft separation system operation.
Key words: clamp band, half-rings crimping, uniform tension force, pressing mechanism.


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