5. Electromagnetic Valves Developed by Yuzhnoye SDO Liquid Rocket Engines Design Office

5. Electromagnetic Valves Developed by Yuzhnoye SDO Liquid Rocket Engines Design Office

Konokh V. I., Boiko V. S., Troyak A. B., Ivashura A. V.

Yangel Yuzhnoye State Design Office, Dnipro, Ukraine

Kosm. teh. Raket. vooruž. 2018, (2); 34-48
Language: Russian
In the pneumohydraulic systems of liquid rocket engines and propulsion systems, electromagnetic valves that allow making the pneumohydraulic systems more simple and ensuring multiple ignition of liquid rocket engines have found wide application. The Yuzhnoye-developed electromagnetic valves are designed according to two schemes – of direct and indirect action. In the direct-action electromagnetic valves, the shutting-off device opens (closes) the throat with the force developed by electric magnet. They have gained acceptance in the pneumohydraulic systems with the working medium pressure of ~8.5 MPa, they are of simple design and have high operating speed (0.001…0.05 s). In the electromagnetic valves with amplification, the electromagnet armature is connected with control valve and the main shutting-off device moves due to the force from working medium pressure drop on it. They are used in the operating pressure range of 0.5…56 MPa, at that, the action time is 0.025…0.15 s. For the European Vega launch vehicle fourth stage main engine assembly that has pressure propellant feeding system, the electrohydraulic valve with amplification and drainage was developed. The dependence of this electrohydraulic valve high speed from the line’s output length is decreased to the maximum due to the installation of Venturi nozzle at the output connecting branch. This electrohydraulic valve is operable at the pressure below 8 MPa, the action time is 0.08…0.12 s. The present-day spacecraft gas-jet orientation and stabilization systems use as propulsion devices the electromagnetic valves with nozzles whose thrust is, as a rule, not more than 30 N and the working medium pressure is up to 24 MPa. Yuzhnoye State Design Office developed for 15B36 gas-jet system the electropneumatic valve with amplification and nozzle, which is operable at the pressure below 45 MPa, ensures the action frequency of up to 10 Hz and is capable of creating the thrust of 100 N on gaseous argon. To solve the task of decreasing the dependence of operability and high speed of electromagnetic valves with drainage and amplification on geometry of lines in which a valve is installed, the electropneumatic valve was developed that has spool elements ensuring reliable and quick action with long input lines of 0.004 m diameter. Its mass is 2…2.5 times lower than the mass of analogs. Recently, Yuzhnoye State Design Office develops the apogee RD840 LRE with 400 N thrust, for the conditions of which the direct-action electrohydraulic valve was developed and tested with the following characteristics: pressure - up to 2.15 MPa, consumed power in operation mode - less than 7.1 W, action time – not more than 0.02 s, mass - 0.19 kg. The presented electromagnetic valves by their technical and operational characteristics meet the highest world requirements and have found wide utility in liquid rocket engines and propulsion systems.
Key words: : electrohydraulic valve, electropneumatic valve, pneumohydraulic system, direct-action electric valve, electric valve with amplification, action time


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