6. Stabilization of gas reducers adjustment

6. Stabilization of gas reducers adjustment

Nazarenko Y. P., Reuta V. I., Makarov A. D.

Yangel Yuzhnoye State Design Office, Dnipro, Ukraine.

Kosm. teh. Raket. vooruž. 2019, (2); 42-49
Language: Russian
The general information on gas pressure reducers, on their purpose in launch vehicles and spacecraft pneumohydraulic systems is set forth. The impact of different operating conditions on physical characteristics of these devices is considered. The main and auxiliary parametric characteristics of the reducer are presented and the physical process of gas pressure reduction in it is explained. The error of output pressure regulation is evaluated using full differential of function, whose arguments (input pressure, flow rate, temperature) have scatter. The reducer temperature curve is shown and the impact of structural temperature on the value of dynamic (with flow rate) and static (without flow rate) pressure in reducer output cavity is explained. The difference between the excess pressure reducer and absolute pressure reducer is shown. The brief review of the designs of liquid and bimetal thermal compensators is presented, their advantages and disadvantages are described and the experience of reducers testing with regulating springs made of elinvar is analyzed. Attention is focused on operating temperature and its impact on stability of reducer adjustment. The formulas that describe thermodynamic processes occurring in the reducer are presented. Special attention is given to the properties of regulating spring of the reducer because of change of elasticity modulus coefficient at different temperatures, the expected pressure scatter at reducer output is evaluated and the necessity of measures to reduce this error is explained. To compensate for temperature disturbance, the formula of gas pressure in closed volume of sensitive element is derived. The essence of original technique of pneumocorrection of initial pressure in sensitive element cavity that was proposed and introduced on Yuzhnoye SDO-developed reducers is set forth.
Key words: parametric characteristic, spring, elasticity modulus, thermal compensator, pneumocorrection.


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