File of Issue № 1 (2016)

File of Issue № 1 (2016)

  ISSN 2617-5525; e-ISSN 2617-5533

 Issue № 1 (2016)

Date of publication: 23.03.2016

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1. Kirichenko A. S., Kushnir B. I., Yenotov V. G. [Solid Rocket Motors Developed by DO-5] 4-12 PDF

2. Golubenko N. S., Kushnir B. I., Zenzerov V. A. [Experience of Testing SRM Thrust Vector Controls] 13-18 PDF

3. Kirichenko A. S., Balitsky I. P., Rogulin V. V., Chepel G. N., Tutov N. I. [On Peculiarities of Life Testing and Safe Storage of Solid Rocket Motors] 19-25 PDF

4. Kirichenko A. S., Beskrovny I. B., Krivsun R. Y., Rogulin V. V. [The Company’s Experience in Designing and Operating Special Bench Equipment for SRM Ground Tests] 26-33 PDF

5. Kovalenko N. D., Kukushkin V. I., Ignat’yev A. D., Kirichenko А. О. [Scientific-Technical Base for Creation of Detonation Solid Rocket Motors] 34-45 PDF

6. Sirik Y. P., Lyakh Y. A., Babey Y. N., Pomin O. V. [Ensuring Solid Rocket Motor Moisture Resistance by Design] 46-51 PDF

7. Bezkrovny I. B., Tregubenko О. О., Krivsun R. Y. [Updated Design of SRM Test Rig] 52-54 PDF

8. Kalnysh R. V., Kirichenko A. S., Fomenko V. S. [Assessment of Validity of Hypothesis of Constancy of Specific Vacuum Thrust Pulse during SRM Designing and Testing] 55-58 PDF

9. Fomenko V. S., Kalnysh R. V., Popov V. A. [Evaluation of SRM Intraballistic Parameters Scatter by Monte-Carlo Method] 59-62 PDF

10. Borisenko S. V., Maly L. P., Lavreshov V. V., Kramarenko E. N., Burkun S. V. [Development of Winding Pattern during Calculation of Composite Case Winding Programs] 63-67 PDF

11. Ushkin N. P., Moroz V. G., Tikhaya M. V. [Methodology of Design Evaluation of Main SRM Flowrate-Thrust Characteristics after Stage Separation] 68-75 PDF

12. Orekhov K. N. [Increasing Effectiveness of Meteorological Rockets when Using Hybrid Motors] 76-81 PDF

13. Vakhromov V. A., Oglikh V. V., Toloch’yants G. E., Magdin E. K. [The Impact of Diaphragm’s Shape on Gas Dynamic Flow Characteristics in Small-Size SRM Combustion Chamber] 82-87 PDF

14. Oglikh V. V., Vakhromov V. A., Kirichenko A. S., Kosenko M. G. [Development of Powder Pressure Accumulators for Rocket Cold Start - the Most Important Condition of its Successful Realization] 88-92 PDF

15. Toloch’yants G. E., Lepsky A. V. [Calculation of Solid Propellant Grain Burning Surface Using Automated 3D-Modeling Systems] 93-96 PDF

16. Slisarenko V. F. [Peculiarities of Development of SRM Thrust Vector Controls at DO-5] 97-104 PDF

17. Tikhaya M. V., Bucharsky V. L., Orekhov K. N. [Modeling of Solid Rocket Motor Starting Process] 105-109 PDF

18. Ushkin N. P. [Method of Design Evaluation of SRM Lifetime and Ensuring its Long-Term Operation] 110-116 PDF

19. Kalnysh R. V. [Blade Geometry for Maximal Power Coefficient and Minimal Noise Level] 117-121 PDF

20. Kalnysh R. V., Popov V. A. [Determination of External Characteristic of Autonomous WPP for Regulation by Rotor Withdrawal from under Wind] 122-127 PDF

21. Kalnysh R. V., Los’ S. I. [Selection of Optimal Parameters of Wind Desalting System with Hydrogen Energy Storage Unit] 128-132 PDF