File of Issue № 1 (2017)

File of Issue № 1 (2017)

  ISSN 2617-5525; e-ISSN 2617-5533

 Issue № 1 (2017)

Date of publication: 22.03.2017

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1. Bondar М. А., Voloshina М. А., Yeres L. A., Kurako I. М., Noskov S. I. [Methodology for Measurement Uncertainty Evaluation during Metrological Certification of Measuring Instruments] 3-7 PDF

2. Kaplya P. G. [Ultimate Stability Stresses in Smooth Cylindrical Skins. Dynamic Problem] 8-17 PDF

3. Klimenko D. V., Kuryachiy Е. V., Mishchenko А. I., Frolov V. P. [Development Strength Test of Modified Antares ILV] 18-22 PDF

4. Gusarova I. А., Potapov А. М., Golubkov G. М., Kalinichenko D. S., Poluyan N. V., Man’ko Т. А. [Basic Selection Criteria of Heat-Resistant and Thermal Protective Structures for High-Altitude Hypersonic Flying Vehicle] 23-29 PDF

5. Bondar М. А., Guseva А. S., Yeres L. A., Kurako I. М., Petrenko Y. N., Rozmaita N. Yu. [Development of Working Liquid Discontinuity Measurement Procedure and Its Certification] 30-34 PDF

6. Masley V. N., Belousov К. G., Khoroshilov V. S., Bushanskaya А. S., Mozgovoy D. К., Vasilyev V. V. [Drought Post-Effects Satellite Monitoring] 35-42 PDF

7. Sirenko V. N., Il’enko P. V., Semenenko P. V. [Static Approach Application in Analysis of Gas-Dynamic Parameters in Launch Vehicle Vented Bays] 43-47 PDF

8. Mulyar Yu. М., Fyodorov V. М., Tryasuchev L. М. [Initial Imperfection Effect on Loss of Rod Stability under Axial Compression Conditions] 48-58 PDF

9. Oleinik V. P., Yelansky Y. А., Kaluger L. G. [Mathematical Simulation of Gas-Jet Control System Distributor for Launch Vehicles] 59-66 PDF

10. Aksiuta О. А., Brynza S. I., Zav’yalov P. P. [Features of Measurement System for Gas-Dynamic Model Tests of Rocket Complex Elements] 67-69 PDF

11. Sokolov А. V., Sheiko А. F., Fomenko V. S., Kirichenko А. S. [Environmental Safety of Bench Testing the Advanced Solid-Propellant Rocket Motors] 70-77 PDF

12. Tsyganov V. N. [Static Performance Prediction of Hot-Gas Flapper-Nozzle Actuator] 78-83 PDF

13. Bigun S. А., Khorolsky М. S., Skokov А. I. [Reliability Evaluation of ILV Thermostating System Mating Hoses] 84-87 PDF

14. Boiko V. S. [Design Studies into Dynamic and Structural Characteristics of Two-Stage Direct-Action Solenoid-Operated Hydraulic Valve] 88-94 PDF

15. Pozdeev G. L., Berezina Е. М. [Assessment of Liquid Equipment Neutralization Method Effectiveness] 95-99 PDF

16. Deno О. N., Filonenko А. V., Didenko А. V., Tkalenko G. V. [Principal Directions for Creation of Integrated Launch Vehicle Autonomous Onboard Flight Safety System] 100-106 PDF

17. Zhilenkova N. N., Kholoshnya I. S., Degtyareva Е. Y., Babich I. P. [Peculiarities of Design and Development Test of Dispenser Turning Actuator System for SHM with Iridium NEXT SC] 107-110 PDF