File of Issue № 1 (2018)

File of Issue № 1 (2018)

  ISSN 2617-5525; e-ISSN 2617-5533

 Issue № 1 (2018)

Date of publication: 08.05.2018

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1. Noskov S. I., Bondar’М. А., Yeres L. А., Levchenko P. P., Petrenko Y. N. [Modernization and Automation of Temperature Calculation of Measurement Errors of Climatic Chambers for Accelerated Environmental Tests] 3-5 PDF

2. Salo М. P., Tereschenko Е. А., Ivanitsky G. М. [Dehydration of Hydrocarbon Fuels by Method of Over-Saturation Drop] 6-12 PDF

3. Gomozov А. V., Gretskikh D. V., Demchenko А. V., Tsikalovsky N. М. [The Means of Functional Suppression of Radio Electronic Facilities of Small-Size Unmanned Aerial Vehicles with Electromagnetic Radiation Focusing] 13-19 PDF

4. Zav’yalov P. P., Shatov А. А. [Determination of Angular Acceleration of Rotary Elements of Rocket Systems during Ground Tests] 20-26 PDF

5. Bezkrovny І. B., Lysenko М. Т., Tregubenko О. О. [Experimental Determination of Lateral Force Caused by SRM Thrust Vector Eccentricity and Skew] 27-30 PDF

6. Degtyareva Е. А., Lapko А. N., Meleshko А. А., Chucha Y. V. [On Building of Inertial Navigation System in the Condition of Presence of Considerable g-Load and Angular Velocity in Preferential Direction] 31-38  PDF

7. Sheiko А. F., Petrenko I. P., Dneprov P. Е., Ivanov S. А. [Prospective Gas Purification Device for LRE Test Bench] 39-45 PDF

8. Glazkov V. А., Yenotov V. G., Kozak L. P., Fomenko V. S. [The Solid–Propellant Motors with Regulated Thrust] 46-52 PDF

9. Pozdeyev G. L., Gamaza А. Е. [On the Peculiarities of High-Temperature Rocket Propellants Drain from Delivery Means to Filling Tank for Closed Drain] 53-57 PDF

10. Shinkorenko О. I., Starkov А. А. [The Rocket Propellant Vapors and Water Solutions Neutralization Units. The Accumulated Experience and Prospects of Updating the Neutralization Units] 58-62 PDF

11. Zemlyanoy K. N., Reva V. S., Frolov V. P., Bezruchko K. V., Kharchenko А. А. [Ensuring Long Lifetime of the Electrochemical Accumulators Included in Space Rocketry Electric Power Supply Systems] 63-68 PDF

12. Bondar’ М. А., Voloshin V. V., Duplischeva О. М., Mikhailov K. F., Porubaimekh V. I. [A Device for Soft Separation of Spacecraft from Launch Vehicle] 69-71 PDF

13. Bigun S. А., Yevchik V. S., Khorolsky M. S. [On Selection of Materials for Creation of Modern LV Thermostating System Mating Hoses] 72-84 PDF

14. Malyi L.P., Lavreshov V. V., Kramarenko E. N., Omelchenko D. S. [A Rectangular Section Pipes Winding Programs Calculation Procedure] 85-91 PDF

15. Shipko A. F., Matus G. V., Il’ina S. N., Fesenko E. Y. [The Results of Using Automated Methods to Solve Standardization Tasks in Yuzhnoye SDO Practice] 91-100 PDF

16. Usichenko V. I., Zavraisky D. V. [Some Correlation Dependences in Families of Aton and Apollo and Rendezvous Frequency in Main Asteroid Belt] 101-117 PDF