File of Issue № 2 (2016)

File of Issue № 1 (2017)

  ISSN 2617-5525; e-ISSN 2617-5533

 Issue № 2 (2016)

Date of publication: 19.09.2016

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1. Shekhovtsov V. S. [On Minimal Aerodynamic Resistance of Rotation Body at Zero Angle of Attack in Hypersonic Non-Viscous Flow] 3-8 PDF

2. Gladky E. G. [Normalization of Technical System Reliability Using Information Approach] 9-16 PDF

3. Kompaniyets E. P., Dron’ N. M., Baranov E. Y., Litvin N. G. [Selection of Optimal Trajectories of Spacecraft Launch Vehicles] 17-29 PDF

4. Oglikh V. V., Toloch’yants G. E., Mikhailov N. S., Popkov V. N. [Experimental Investigations of Possibility of Creating Impulse SRM with Short Operation Period] 30-34 PDF

5. Potapov А. М., Kovalenko V. A., Shilina E. V., Shilin S. A., Alyoshin A. V. [Creation of Technological Tooling and Testing of Cocoon-Type Cases Manufacturing Technology] 35-42 PDF

6. Bigun S. A., Khorolsky M. S., Skokov A. I., Kaplun S. V. [Experimental Investigations into Results of Testing Cyclone-4 ILV Thermostating System Mating Points] 43-51 PDF

7. Zemlyanoy K. N., Reva V. S., Frolov V. P., Bezruchko K. V., Azarnov A. L., Laznenko V. I., Kharchenko А. А. [Analysis of Operation Modes and Selection of Chemical Current Source Included in Autonomous Electric Power Supply Systems of Self-Propelled Launcher] 52-56 PDF

8. Satokin V. V. [Development and Validation of Program Module for Construction of Virtual Models of Real Structures in ANSYS System] 57-59 PDF

9. Bondar’ М. А., Yeres L. A., Kurako I. M., Petrenko Y.N., Goltsev A.S. [Metrological Support of Kinematic Model Testing on Zero-Gravity Test Stands] 60-64 PDF

10. Boiko V. S. [Mathematical Model of High-Flowrate Electropneumatic Valve] 65-71 PDF

11. Anishchenko V. M. [Experimental Investigation into Power Characteristics of Fast-Flowrate Gas Jet Propulsion Systems] 72-74 PDF

12. Loza A. V., Yelansky Y. A., Pokatayev V. N., Karzova А. А. [The Use of Thermoelectric Technologies in Spacecraft Thermostatic Systems] 75-79 PDF

13. Karpenko V. D., Solod S. D., Kolesnichenko V. K., Pokatayev V. N., Suvorov A. G. [Experience of Developing Thermometric Instruments Based on Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance] 80-84 PDF

14. Vaisero M. V., Kavun V. V., Kudrevatykh А. Т., Moskalyov S. I., Rozhkovsky V. F., Sokhach Y. V., Shchudro A. P. [Investigation of Deformability of Carbon Plastic Panels in Moisture Absorption Process] 85-91 PDF

15. Pakhomov S. N., Reznichenko V. I., Mostipan S. E. [A New Method of Testing Oil-Filled Current Transformers for Explosion-Proofness] 92-97 PDF

16. Satokin V. V. [Method of Coefficient for Optimization and Analysis of Operating State of Fine Filter Cases] 98-101 PDF