File of Issue № 2 (2017)

File of Issue № 2 (2017)

  ISSN 2617-5525; e-ISSN 2617-5533

 Issue № 2 (2017)

Date of publication: 01.11.2017

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1. Shevtsov Е. I. [DO-2 – Semicentenary] 3-4 PDF

2. Agalakov S. А., Makarenko А. А., Silkin А. Y., Shevtsov Е. I. [Creation of Universal System of Launch Vehicle Space Head Modules for Cluster Spacecraft Missions] 5-11 PDF

3. Makarenko А. А., Mashchenko А. N., Shevtsov Е. I. [Creation of Advanced Facilities for Spacecraft / Launch Vehicle Integration] 12-18 PDF

4. Logvinenko А. I. [Increase of LV Payload Capability through Enhancement of Propulsion System Pneudraulic System Characteristics] 19-24 PDF

5. Zhuk N. P., Makarenko А. А., Shevtsov Е. I. [Structural Perfection of Cyclone-4 Integrated Launch Vehicle] 25-28  PDF

6. Voloshin М. L., Kuda S. А., Mikhalchishin R. V. [Set of Actions on Enhancement of Launch Vehicle Payload Capability] 29-34 PDF

7. Mikhalchishin R. V., Kuda S. А., Golovin D. Y., Brezgin М. S. [Features of Pneumatic Hydraulic Feeding System with the Use of Oxygen-Methane Cryogenic Propellants] 35-40 PDF

8. Petrenko R. М. [Analysis Method of Nitrogen Tetroxide Tanks Generating Pressurization Systems] 41-48 PDF

9. Golovin D. Y., Ermolenko I. N., Kuda S. А., Lomskoy D. А. [Peculiarities of Development of Cryogenic Propulsion System Circulating Cooling System] 49-52 PDF

10. Ivanov О. М., Smolensky D. E. [Analysis Method of Hydraulic Parameters of Circular Intake Device in Limit Operating Modes] 53-56 PDF

11. Babiy А. N., Tishchenko Y. S., Mogilevtsev А. А. [Remote Monitoring Method of Pneudraulic System Structural Elements Integrity] 57-59 PDF

12. Nazarenko Е. P., Yakimets S. V. [Determination Procedure for Pneudraulic System and Its Components No-Failure Operation Probability] 60-64 PDF

13. Makarenko А. А., Mashchenko А. N., Nazarenko Е. P., Skochko V. V., Ustich V. V., Shevtsov Е. I. [Experience in Development of Isolating Fuel Valve with Pneumatic Drive and Hydraulic Brake for Operation under Cryogenic Conditions] 65-69 PDF

14. Makarenko А. А., Udovichenko D. А. [Development Test of Isolating Valve Operation under Cryogenic Conditions] 70-76 PDF

15. Veskov Е. V., Nazarenko Е. P., Sedykh I. V., Shevchenko B. А. [Oxidizer Feedline Structural Optimization Results] 77-82 PDF

16. Onofrienko V. I., Shevtsov Е. I., Makarenko А. А. [Determination of Spherical Flange Connections Gasket Clamping Site Width] 83-89 PDF

17. Gontarovsky V. А., Makarenko А. А., Shevtsov Е. I. [Development Test of Spacecraft Separation Dynamics under Ground Conditions] 90-101 PDF

18. Shevtsov Е. I. [Development Test of Payload Fairing Separation Dynamics under Ground Conditions] 102-106 PDF

19. Kabakova Zh. V., Kuda S. А., Logvinenko А. I., Khomyak V. А. [Experience in Development of Pneumatic System for Aerodynamic Payload Fairing Separation] 107-111 PDF

20. Potapov А. М., Kovalenko V. А., Kondrat’ev А. V., Gaidachuk V. Е. [Research Support for Development of Launch Vehicle Payload Unit Composite Load-Bearing Compartments] 112-120 PDF

21. Gusarova I. А., Potapov А. М., Shevtsov Е. I., Onofrienko V. I., Gusev V. V., Manko Т. А. [Mass Parameter Optimization of Thermal Protective Structure for Reusable Spacecraft] 121-126 PDF

22. Bondarenko О. V., Mogilevtsev А. А., Tishchenko Y. S. [Advanced Aluminum Alloys for Launch Vehicle Pipeline Parts Manufacture] 127-130 PDF

23. Danchenko V. G., Shevtsov Е. I., Gusev V. V. [Optimization Technique for Mass of Locally Loaded Rocket Bays with Wafer Structure] 131-136 PDF

24. Gudymenko D. I., Kuda S. А., Logvinenko А. I., Porubaimekh V. I. [Method of Supercooled Cryogenic Liquid Production] 137-140 PDF

25. Logvinenko А. I. [Vacuum Conditions Simulation Criteria] 141-145 PDF

26. Karpenko V. D., Kovalchuk N. О., Lenovenko А. М., Solod S. D., Suvorov А. G. [State of the Art and Prospects for Nuclear-Quadrupole Resonance Thermometry in Ukraine]   146-150 PDF

27. Pavlysh I. F. [Solution of "Unsolvable" Problems] 151-168 PDF