Requirements for authors of articles

Requirements for authors of articles

 The articles submitted for publication in the collected book “Space Technology. Missile Armaments” shall be accompanied by the following documents: Review signed by a leading specialist in article’s subject, Decision of Scientific-Technical Council Subpanel, Protocol on  possibility of publication in public media.  For the authors who are not Yuzhnoye SDO employees, it is required beside the Review to attach a Letter addressed to the Chief Editor of the collected book signed by the Head of institution where the work has been performed. Besides, the author’s telephone numbers should be indicated on a separate sheet.

1. The articles shall be submitted on paper and electronic media.

2. The main elements of an article shall be positioned in the following sequence: UDC number, initials and surname(s) of the author(s); article title; summary in Ukrainian, Russian and English; article text; annexes (if any); references.

3. The article title (in Ukrainian, Russian or English – in accordance with article language). The article title shall briefly inform on its content and consist of no more than 12 words.

4. If an article is in Russian, the summary shall be in Russian, Ukrainian and English; if an article is in Ukrainian or English, the summary shall be in Ukrainian and English. The volume of summary shall be approximately 2000 printed characters. The summary in itself shall be understandable without acquaintance with the main content of the article and shall contain the objective, methods of solution, results, conclusions.

5. Key words: 4-6 words (word-groups), each of them shall not repeat the words from the article title.

6. When executing an article, one shall adhere to the following rules: the article volume shall be no more than 15 pages; the article shall consist of introduction, main part, conclusion (deductions). The tables and figures shall be numbered. The statistical and other detalization shall be given in notes. The tables and figures shall be positioned in the manuscript text directly after the first mention of them.

7. For executing the heading “Our Authors”, it is required to indicate on a separate sheet the full names of all authors and brief information on them: place of employment, position, research trend.

8. For requirement to article execution see by reference